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KONKUSSION is focused on becoming the global leader in concussion management and research.


Concussions pose unique medical challenges with potentially devastating short and long-term consequence. If one sustains a wrist fracture, we perform an x-ray, diagnose the fracture and treat it accordingly. However, with concussions, there is no CT scan, MRI or laboratory test that can conclusively diagnose concussions in most cases. Furthermore, at this time, we do not have effective treatments for concussions.

With the Emergency Room statistics available to us across the country, it is becoming progressively clear that children, youth and young adults are sustaining concussions at alarming rates, from a variety of sports, including hockey, football, soccer, mountain biking, etc. This is a national issue that requires national attention.

Our preliminary analysis indicates that the investment in baseline testing is a cost effective measure. In particular, if we review the cost of Emergency Room visits, diagnostic tests, specialists' visits and lost time, and we compare that to the cost of investing in a primary prevention program - the benefit of the KONKUSSION program is realized. That being said, we cannot place a price tag on the health of our children.

How can we expect individuals, coaches and sporting organizations to govern themselves if they do not have the appropriate knowledge? Children, parents, coaches, league officials and administrators need awareness at the grass root level. If a child sustains a concussion playing anywhere in this country everyone should know what to do and follow the proper protocol in the best interest of the child's health and safety.

DID YOU KNOW?'Troy Aikman to this day does not remember at all playing in the NFC championship or winning the
Super Bowl in 1994 with the Dallas Cowboys since he was playing in a concussed state.'